Inside Yoni Sun Bathing: Why cats love the sun

Yoni sunbathing is the most popular cat bath in the world, and it has made it to the top of our top 10 most popular outdoor cat baths.The first cat spa in the U.S. to have a cat-friendly license was built in San Francisco in 1976.This unique spa has since become one of the most recognizable cat bath brands in […]

How to protect yourself from sun bathing nude sun

Nude sun bathing is a way to relax in the sun without getting sunburned.But not everyone can enjoy the benefits of sun bathing in the nude.Here are some of the risks that can happen if you are going to go for it.1.SunburnSinging in the shower or bathing in a pool will definitely not help with your sunburn.There are risks involved.It […]

Why are sunbathers so obsessed with the sun?

In the sun, suns rays can damage your skin, and that can lead to sunburn.But with the new solar filters, some sunbaiters are taking advantage of the filters to make themselves look like they’ve been on the sun all day.(Sunbait is a word that refers to the practice of bathing in the sun.)Here are five sun bathing tips for the […]

Sun bathing accessories for men, women

By Mayo Clinic StaffMay 12, 2018 12:17:12While some men may prefer sunbathing, many women have also taken advantage of the sun’s natural rays to reduce inflammation and improve skin tone.Here are some sun bathing accessory ideas for men and women.Sun bathing accessories and sunscreenFor men, sunscreen may be the key to a long and healthy life.Sunscreen is a natural ingredient […]

How to get pregnant with your baby’s first sunburn

Sunbathing can help prevent pregnancy and a first sun burn, according to new research.The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Cancer Society recommend the following sun protection measures:Avoid direct sunlight in the summertime, as there’s a high risk of sunburn.Wear long-sleeved shirts or long-sweater pants and a hat.Wear sunscreen at least twice a week and use sunscreen at the […]

How to have a good time on the beach with your friends

When I was growing up, I was often the only kid on the block who had a sandcastle, a set of sand castles built for me by my grandma.The sand castles were the best thing I ever had and they were also super cheap.I loved my sand castles because they were so fun to build.You could build them in any […]

Why did Richie Sun Baths?

Richie Sun Bath, aka “Richie the Cat,” is a popular cat-friendly cat cafe in Melbourne, Australia. The cat cafe is famous for its hot, steamy baths.Its cat lovers say that the baths are relaxing and they are known to get a bit of a burn from the steam.They claim that Richie’s bath is the perfect warm bath for a cat who […]

Funniest sun bathing selfie from the beach

Posted November 17, 2019 06:37:07I’ve just finished sun bathing in the sun.It was the best thing I’ve ever done.The sun is an amazing thing, I’ve never been in a sunburn before.I was in a pool for a long time before and I got sunburned pretty bad, but I’ve had sunburns before.But the sun never really bothered me at all.It really […]

What’s a ‘sun bath’?

A “sun bath” is a popular bathing spot in Japan and China, in which people lie on a bed with the sun shining on them and a fan blowing in the background.It’s a popular way to cool off.But is it safe?The World Health Organization says yes, but not everyone is comfortable with the idea.Al Jazeera’s Tom Balmain reports from Tokyo.

What happens when you leave the sun and leave your family behind?

Patrick Sun, a photographer, was walking home from work when he spotted an elderly couple in a park in central London.They were walking in the sun, with the curtains drawn.“I started snapping pictures,” he says.“The woman was holding her daughter, and I said, ‘That’s it.I’m leaving.’”But the couple were still in the shade, so he decided to get them a […]

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