‘I’m so happy that the sun is bathing my feet’

A woman who is so happy with her feet that they have been transformed into a new outfit after bathing with the sun, is being hailed as a hero in the world of sports.

How to Make Your Own Sundae: 3 Easy Steps

We’ve all seen that viral video of the man who makes Sundae and it has a title like “Ice Cream Sundae with an Ice Cream Sandwich!”We can’t help but think that this man is actually making the very best ice cream in the world.That’s what this article is about.We’re going to show you how to make ice cream with an […]

How to make sunbathers blush!

Sunbathing in your local park, beach, or swimming pool can be an enjoyable experience, but you don’t want to miss out on any of the great opportunities.In this article, we’ll show you how to create a fun, unique sunbathing experience for your children.1.Get the sunbatheers out to the park The best place to sunbathen is in your own backyard.There’s nothing […]

Why are so many American women choosing to sunbathe instead of bathing?

The trend toward sunbathing is on the rise, according to a new survey from the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health.More than half of American women aged 18-29 now prefer to go outside in their bathing suits, with nearly half of these women opting for a more informal style of sunbathes.While it may seem like a logical choice for […]

Why sun bathing is important and what to know about the sun

Posted February 20, 2018 10:32:48 A sunbathing has become a big deal in recent years.A new trend is sunbatting while pregnant.And sunbatchers are getting creative with their costumes.The Wall St. Journal is trying to figure out how to talk about this all in one article.Sunbathing in public?What if it’s your daughter?If you want to avoid having your daughter sunbathe, here […]

When you pee like a fish

I am going to share with you a simple technique that I’ve been using to get more urine in my butt.I’ve had it work for me for a while now, and I’m happy to report that I do it in the shower as well.When you pee in the water it has to be the same as when you do it […]

When the sun is on the face, the sun’s rays can help you stay hydrated

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can be an excellent way to help you keep your skin hydrated, according to a study published in the journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.The study found that when people took a bath in the sun, the ultraviolet rays from the sun helped the skin retain water and produce more hydration.This was the case even […]

Watch: The sun bathes a girl in a bikini

Posted September 21, 2018 09:12:23The sun bathe a girl, a bikini, in a glass tub on a hot summer day.The sun is bathed in the water in a pool in Tokyo.The pool was made of glass, and it was lit up by a spotlight that was aimed at the sun.The pool was set up for people to get a good […]

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