How to dress as a ‘wet sunbather’ in NFL’s “SunBather” trailer

With “Sun Bather” set to hit theaters on June 1, 2017, NFL fans can expect to see more and more people in their own bathing suits.But this is the first trailer for the upcoming film, and it shows off a little more of what to expect.The “Sun Bath” trailer shows off some of the costumes featured in the film, which […]

Why are sunbathers so obsessed with the sun?

In the sun, suns rays can damage your skin, and that can lead to sunburn.But with the new solar filters, some sunbaiters are taking advantage of the filters to make themselves look like they’ve been on the sun all day.(Sunbait is a word that refers to the practice of bathing in the sun.)Here are five sun bathing tips for the […]