How to make sun-bleach sun-bath suits from recycled materials

Sun-bleaching sun-bathing suits are a great way to cool your skin and keep it cool when you get sunburned.They are a fun way to make a quick change for the day or a quick and easy fix for a hangover.They’re also a great option for kids who want to take a break from sunscreen or sun protection and sunbathing, or […]

When you’re outside sun bathing in Indonesia: An overview

In Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia, a small group of tourists are waiting to bathe in the sun at the beach.┬áThe locals seem a bit perplexed by the fact that this little group of men and women, dressed in traditional Indonesian clothing, are in the process of doing exactly what the locals have been doing for thousands of years, swimming in the […]

How to Build a Sun Bath with Glass Sun Baths

The glass sun bath is an idea I’ve seen popping up in places where the sun is at its most intense and I just love it.The idea of a glass sunbath is to have a bath that can be used in the sun, but also have the water cool off when you need it, and even the heat can be […]