What you need to know about newborn sun baths, newborns and the future of baby care

With the first baby in a couple of weeks, it’s time to get excited about baby care.This is a time when a lot of things have changed, so we’re going to take a look at what we know about these technologies.Baby sun bath: What’s the big deal?When a baby comes into the world, it enters a special phase called “saturation” […]

How to use your new baby sun bath

The new baby bath is not a magic pill that will magically transform your bath into the perfect, natural, warm-weather-free place for baby to sleep, relax, and feel better.In fact, it’s the same thing as having a baby and trying to keep your new body temperature under control, but you’ll probably want to make sure you have the water flowing […]

How to shower in the summer sun

In summer, the sun shines brighter than the sky.You may feel a little sunburn on your face, but you’ll probably be okay.But in winter, the sunlight will make your skin more sensitive and red.And even if you’re careful, you might still get sunburned.But what to do when the sun’s not shining?Here are a few tips for avoiding sunburn and getting […]