How to get 100% solar power with the SunBath SunA.K. sunbath

The sunbath is a sun bathing method where you soak in the sun for up to two hours and the sun rays penetrate your skin.If you soak with the sun, you will get more energy and a boost in concentration than with a shower.The SunBaths are very popular among the youth and are popular among young couples because they reduce […]

Summer’s hottest summer: The summer’s hottest season

The hottest season in the UK has been coming in a flash, with temperatures hitting new highs in some areas.Here are some of the most intense and eye-catching days of summer:Ahead of this week’s heatwave, the temperature has already risen by 3C (5.7F) in the south-east of England, with the mercury forecast to reach 27C (95F) by Monday.On Friday, it […]