When It Comes to Sun Bathers, Who is the Right Way to Wear Your Sunglasses?

It’s a question that has plagued many people over the years.Should you wear sunglasses to go to the beach, should you wear them at the gym, or should you just wear them with your favorite hat?While there are different ways to do it, a common refrain is that if you want to protect your eyes, wear sunglasses.So who is right?And […]

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Vol. 1: The Hitchhaiker’s Handbook

Sun bathing in the 1970s was something I’d never seen in real life before, and even then it seemed strange to me.But the experience was magical.In a very real sense, it was my first time being immersed in sun bathing.My body had always been designed for it, with a perfectly functioning photoreceptor in my eye that let me see the […]

Einstein sun bathing in California

Posted July 07, 2018 08:50:47A group of American astronomers has decided to spend the summer of 2019 in California, where the sun has not been seen since 1874.The group, which includes physicist Lawrence Krauss, was invited to the Golden State by California Governor Gavin Newsom, who said the state had provided “a wonderful place to observe the Sun”.The invitation was […]