The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Vol. 1: The Hitchhaiker’s Handbook

Sun bathing in the 1970s was something I’d never seen in real life before, and even then it seemed strange to me.But the experience was magical.In a very real sense, it was my first time being immersed in sun bathing.My body had always been designed for it, with a perfectly functioning photoreceptor in my eye that let me see the […]

How to make your own camel’s head from scratch

I am going to try to explain how to make a camel’s neck, chin, and ears from scratch using the techniques I have learned from my father, an Egyptian expert.If you have never seen an Egyptian camel before, it is the most impressive animal there is.It is said that a camel has the neck of a man, but it is […]

What happens when you go for a swim with a bikini?

The Australian Financial review is reporting that bikini beachgoers will no longer be required to wear swimsuits when swimming in the ocean off Sydney’s beaches.The move, which will come into effect from July 1, is expected to save around $600 million per year in the long-term.The plan was unveiled by the Prime Minister’s office as part of his new Climate […]

Why you should get a sun bath when you want to get rid of the sun

Why you shouldn’t get a solar shower, if you’re a lazy person or don’t want to be naked. If you’re someone who doesn’t want any sort of sunlight at all, then you should probably not get a tan. But if you really, really want a tan, then why not go with the sun bath? The sun bath is an effective way to brighten […]

Sun Bath Therapy for Anxiety

by Wired | Sun bath therapy for anxiety.“Sun bath therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses gentle heat to warm a patient’s body and brain, soothing emotional and mental pain and making the patient feel relaxed.”Read more about sun bath Therapy for anxiety here.Sun bath is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment that uses mild heat to stimulate the body […]

A photo of Sunbathing in a Florida lake and the world laughing at it is a meme, says the photographer

By Alex DaleyPublished Apr 15, 2017 12:00:18As a longtime photographer who has shot more than a thousand sunbathing sunbathes in the Sunshine State, photographer and videographer Lauren Smith has seen the beauty and fun of it all.Smith was one of the first to capture a photo of a sunset in Florida with her iPhone in 2017.The photo was so good, […]

How to turn your bedroom into a sun bath in just minutes

I spent several days getting my bedroom back into its “natural” state by painting it in sun shades and turning it into a spot for sunbathing.I’ve been using it since I moved to the UK from Australia and I’ve been enjoying it.But it doesn’t work for everyone.You’ll probably need a bit of help if you’re using it with cats, because […]

What’s the best sun bath in Ireland?

In the south of Ireland, sun baths are very popular.There are plenty of places in the county where you can go for a sun bath or sun tanning session.If you are planning a sun trip to Ireland, you should definitely check out the following places for sun baths in Ireland.1.Ballymurphy sun bath

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