What happens when a porn star goes nude and gets naked for a male client

The porn industry is a hotbed of corruption and manipulation, and the reality is, many performers don’t even know it.In this episode of the podcast, ESPN’s SportsNation, I sit down with the creator of the porn star-themed reality series, Pornstar Spotlight, Ryan Murphy to discuss the business and the politics of the industry.What are some of the most common scams […]

Why you should stop wearing sunscreen in Australia

The sun is a blessing in disguise, but the sun bathing majorsca has also been a blessing for many Australians.It’s been a tradition for generations, and many of the country’s premier beach destinations offer an alternative to the sun.But why?Why should Australians stop wearing sun filters?And what do you do if you want to?If you’re going to a beach, you […]

How to make a ‘sun bathing mud’ in under an hour

You can make a sun bathing mat from a small clay jar with a small container of water.You’ll need a clay jar and some sand, some water, a large pot and a bucket.You can use any kind of clay that’s soft enough to hold its shape.I used a little bit of sand, a bit of water, some dried beans and […]