A ‘Sun Bath Therapy’ that Works in Your Sunbathing Room

Sunbathe in style.You’re a hot babe, sunbathing naked.You don’t have to be the only one in your room.A few minutes of sunbathe therapy can transform your day into a whole new one.Here’s how.1.Get the sunbathes right.Get out and take your time, then relax and get ready for the session.Your skin is going to feel good for hours.This is where the […]

When does Borat’s sun bath begin?

BORAT: When does BORATT’s sun bathing begin?This is a question we get asked a lot by the public, but we wanted to answer this question ourselves.BORATS sun bath begins at 4pm, starting at 7pm on Sunday November 3.Boredom is the name of the game at Borat, and the most popular place to chill out and soak up the rays.There are […]

How to swim in the sun

When you’re out in the hot sun, you can’t swim in a swimming pool without getting sunburned.It’s the same for you and your partner, and you might want to get some help.So here’s how to protect your skin while swimming in the water.1.Use sunscreen 1.1 Avoid sunscreen that contains titanium dioxide.Titanium dioxide, which is found in sunscreen, has been linked […]

The New Sun Bathers in Tokyo’s Sobeys

Sobeies and other retailers are already bracing for a drop in demand for their signature winter clothing line.The brand, the Rabbit Sun, has been out of business since last October.Rabbit Sun was the brainchild of designer Riku Yamada, who began designing the products around his own experiences of being a Japanese wintertime sunbathing in the 1980s and 1990s.While Rabbit Sun […]

How to make sun-bleach suits that make you smile

It’s easy to get the idea that sunscreen is necessary for sun protection.But according to a new study, wearing a sunscreen is actually less likely to help you live longer, and a lot more likely to be associated with heart disease, depression and even suicide.In fact, a study of nearly 600,000 men found that people who used sunscreen daily had […]

The Sun Bath Sunbathing Butthole is a Porn Story

The sun bathing buttholes are not only a place to sunbathe but also a place where men are encouraged to urinate and have sex.According to the Sun Bath, “men enjoy the freedom of sunbathing on the beach, even if it’s a public beach, and are encouraged by the Sun to do so.Men can do whatever they want while sunbathes, including […]

When It Comes to Sun Bathers, Who is the Right Way to Wear Your Sunglasses?

It’s a question that has plagued many people over the years.Should you wear sunglasses to go to the beach, should you wear them at the gym, or should you just wear them with your favorite hat?While there are different ways to do it, a common refrain is that if you want to protect your eyes, wear sunglasses.So who is right?And […]

How to make your own lizard sunbathing mask

A new video from a Brazilian YouTube channel reveals the process of making a lizards sunbathe on the beach, and how it can be a lot cheaper than buying a real one.The video, called The Real Lizard Sunbathing Mask, shows the creation of a lovable, eco-friendly mask made from recycled rubber and plastic bottles.The masks are made by combining a […]

How to make the perfect sun bathing mat

When you’re in the sun, it’s hard to ignore the sun.And when it’s getting too hot, you want to keep yourself warm.But as anyone who has been to a beach knows, it doesn’t always work out that way.In fact, sun bathing mats are not always necessary.Here are five ways to make your mat perfect for sunbathing.1.Make it waterproof2.Make your mat […]

Why Sunar Bath is looking for a CEO

Sunar has taken a risk, and now it is the company to own.The Swiss brand has hired former Google executive and founder and former Microsoft executive Steve Ballmer to be its new chief executive.Ballmer left Microsoft a few months ago, and was widely expected to take over.The deal could give Sunar a lot more room to operate.Ballmers decision is the […]